SEO and Promotion of Your Site.

Traditional SEO is working less and less with each Google Algorithm update.  That is why my company no longer performs just SEO in the way people view it.  Really there are 2 parts to SEO.


Technical SEO or Onsite SEO

Firstly there is the technical side.  The website has enough text and the keywords at the right density, there is a meta-description, (although it is devalued in Google) there are the appropriate number of internal links, visuals are all key worded and alt image tags are completed, permalinks are set correctly, schema markup is current and more.


We have employed state of the art software to ensure that every part of your website is as good as it can be and we don’t stop working at improving your site until your score has improved to its highest practical level.  This means taking your information occasionally and tweaking your site to try getting a higher score in our software. Very few sites will ever be “perfect” but the goal is to obtain the highest level.  Despite the use of software it still means educating ourselves on SEO techniques, by reading journals and taking courses.  With over 200 verified Google ranking algorithms that are revised and improved almost daily even the first part of SEO is a task in itself.  By the way Google keeps these updates a secret so marketers don’t game the system.  That makes it especially tough to explain to a client why they are not on page one the day after the website is published.


Offsite SEO or Website Promotion

And secondly is the ongoing work after the website has been improved from a technical basis come the real war.  It’s the war between your site and the few million other sites just like yours to rank high in the search engines.  Oh, you didn’t know that you had to keep working at it? Sorry to burst your bubble.


You need to get backlinks to your site.  You need to analyse what your competition is doing and how you can improve on their work for your own website.  You need to take action to make yourself the real authority in your marketplace. So what exactly are the action steps you need to take to get to the level of trusted authority? Publish.  Yes that’s it, well almost. You need to create content that people want to read.  And lots of it.  It can’t be dribble.  It has to be real content with real teachings and it has to benefit your audience so much that other publishers want to link to you as well.


Recently I was looking at one of my client’s competitors who was in the number one spot on Google and comparing it to my client’s site. On the competitor’s site I found quite a quite a number of static pages with explanations of their service along with 70 or so blog posts.  My client had about 5 pages and one blog post.  My suggestion for SEO with my client was to audit his site at least monthly rewrite or add at least a page a month to his site and target different keywords, perform ongoing keyword research, write about 6 blog posts per month of at least 700 -1000 words (the optimum amount seems to be around 2500 words but not everybody has that kind of time or writing ability) publish graphics on social media that would attract potential buyers, create videos on YouTube, Daily motion, Vimeo and other video sharing sites, create slide presentations to share on Slideshare, reach out to guest bloggers to have them ad quality articles to his site and promote his site to industry authorities to develop relationships for link building.  There is more but the rest is between my clients and me.  I have a couple of techniques to develop a few hundred website views a month with my own brand of promotion.


Speed and Timing

So if I did everything I listed in the above paragraph in one month do you think it might make a difference?  What do you think?  Would the site go up to first place, stay about the same or go down in ranking? If you said it would go down in ranking your right.  Whaaaat? If you don’t make steady positive progression over time you may be penalized by Google. How can this be? If Google figures you’re doing everything right but it looks like you have figured out the algorithms you may be penalized for gaming the system.  You may eventually come back to decent rankings but it will take a fair amount of time.  Plus if you never touch your site again, you will start to slide down the rankings because Google wants to see active sites that do not appear to be abandoned.


It’s better to practice continuous improvement on your site than to plop a bunch of blog articles there at once and forget about them. That means a publishing schedule you can stick to as well.  Every time you update your site I would recommend that you go into Google Webmaster tools and crawl your site. You could wait for Google and Bing to crawl your site on their own but if you haven’t updated your site for a while you may have to wait a couple of weeks.  Google might have put you on a reduced crawl rate because your site looks abandoned.  Better they use their resources on sites that are constantly changing.  Getting a crawl will show regular and steady progression of your site improvements.


Over time you will advance from one of the bottom of the pack to one of the top of the pack.  Your website looks awesome, there is a good user experience, you have contacted other blogs and they believe you are an authority so they may provide you with link juice you have lots of good and accurate data (posts) on your site and you spend a good deal of time promoting your site through social media, guest bloggers and the blogging community.


In wrapping up, you can see how writing quality blog articles, having great usable information on your website and a good user interface and user experience can lead other links from sources (bloggers) who trust what you say can lead to authority.  It is my opinion after reading hundreds of articles over the past 4 years this is what Google uses to rank websites. So now you have my take on Google SEO.  Simple, easy to follow and time consuming to implement.  Google may make us jump through some hoops but in the end it will be a better internet for everyone.



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