You can severely restrain your search engine existence if you do not design your site in a way that is satisfactory to the Search engine software robots and spiders. This includes using correct SEO and back linking strategies. Here is a quick summary checklist of what you must do:

□ Choose the right web host. You want good 24-hour support, cloud computing for larger sites, green hosting if possible and unlimited storage space. Also, make sure that professional services are available too, this could prove invaluable. We use Siteground for hosting. Siteground is incredibly fast compared to our last hosting service and comes with a number of features that are paid for options elsewhere/

□ Make sure your website is well laid out. Build a sitemap and keep things simple and logical. Make good use of menus.

□ Ensure your site has a good range of internal links to aid customer convenience.

□ Check your content so that it is relevant, well written, has a good keyword ratio and contains sub-keywords.

□ Make sure you complete Meta tag data for all your images and videos

□ Submit your website to as many reputable web search directories as possible.

□ Write press releases for new pages, offers, products and services. Include keywords, tags and links.

□ Do the same for ads.

□ Post insightful blog comments that link to your site.

□ Create forum profiles then select the most relevant and try to post once a week if possible.

□ Join social networks, make profiles and business pages.

□ Share new pages and posts on your social networks and add them to social bookmarks.

□ Finally, make sure you update your website regularly and make sure your content remains fresh, up to date and relevant.