Great SEO Content Starts with You


One of the best ways to get your site noticed by Google and your buyers is to continually keep your site up to date and keep adding content that your readers want and need. This is part of the process of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. 

 Your website starts out with just a few pages but at 1-2 pages per week and a blog post at the end of one year you will have a site with 50 to 100 pages and 50 blog posts.  This is called content saturation and is one of the most effective ways to improve your rankings.  

Along with content saturation domain age is another method to get higher rankings.  If your site has been around for a couple of years and depending on your competition you may easily rank on the first page of Google.  

There are over 200 ranking factors to get your site up in the search engines and Google does not divulge the factors or how the measurement process works, although there are several hints about ranking from the Google Gods in their regular updates to SEO professionals.  Google doesn’t directly give away all of their SEO factors because people will “game the system” and you will have a number of spammers start to rank high in the search engines and not legitimate sites.  This has happened in the past and Google is right to keep their exact formula a secret.  Just make a website everyone want to visit.  

 One ranking factor is to make each page packed with information.  There are several sites with extremely thin content and these sites never rank well.  Each page of content should have at least 400 words.  Studies have been done by various SEO companies and the ideal number of words seems to be around 2000 but this is really impractical if you’re just trying to design a page that is basically about your services.  Often long content rich pages describe in great detail a process or tell a story.  If you were a plumber you might tell a story about how one of your customers forgot to shut the outdoor water off for the winter, how this affected their plumbing, how you had to fix it and the future steps a person has to take to keep their exterior taps from freezing and bursting.  A story like that doesn’t belong on the first page of your website but you could place a link on winterizing your plumbing.

Keyword strategies are important as well as having the right keywords in your website will attract the customers you need.  Keywords can be competitive.  Long tail keywords (or keyword phrases) have become more important that single keywords.  It’s all about finding a niche where you can compete and then dominating your market with a killer website.

YouTube videos will help you rank higher as well.  A YouTube video that is well keyworded and has a transcript added will often turn up o the first or second page of Google as well as YouTube.

Marketing used to be put some ads in the newspaper, a few billboards and the radio and depening on your persuasiveness, sales would come your way.  Marketing these days centres on your ability to get people to your website and even with the ongoing costs of updating your website, many, many business owners have been able to reduce or eliminate most other forms of advertising.  Thats what good SEO can do for you.  

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