OK, so I know the phone book is dead.

What do I do for a really, really simple website?

Here’s what!

A basic site is FREE when you buy your domain

Get a $100 credit for future use 


Get a Domain Name (we'll help you out) $30/yr


Give us some words and a couple of photographs


Enjoy your site for only $5 a month (paid annually)

You’ll get a site about the same size as this single page where you can quickly list your main services and products.

You pay just $30/yr for your website name and  your actual website is FREE.  You can add a contact form at no charge.

When you determine you need a bigger site we’ll give you a $100 credit to put to your more comprehensive site.

Don’t forget these prices are in Canadian Funds.  That means a 20%-40% discount off USD prices depending on the current exchange rate.  We automatically keep your software up to date. You have to do nothing but enjoy your site.  If you don’t have a Website by now and are hesitant of the cost this may be the way to go.